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Getting started

Start here if you are new to Signicat's services and technology. The getting started articles will give you a understanding of the basic concepts and how Signicats solution can be used.

The articles will provide links to more in-depth content in other sections.


Guides and howtos

The guides and howto articles are receipes and examples that will show you how to solve a specific task or achieve a specific goal.

The guides and howtos focus on step-by-step instructions. You will also find references to more in-depth articles with background info.

Integration with is a relatively simple process. Realization of the source code for authentication or signing services is quite straightforward, and requires no e-ID specific competence at the customer side. The integration is done over open, industry standard and platform-neutral protocols such as SAML and Web Services.

However, in a normal integration there are several agreements that must be established, as well as preparation of the infrastructure between the customer, Signicat and e-ID suppliers. Some of these tasks will take some time. Our recommendation is that the customer plans the integration project thoroughly, and allocates sufficient time for these tasks.

This overview is an introduction to the key steps in the process and some important concepts.

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White papers

The page White papers does not exist.

Where is the old support-web?

You may notice that the support web has changed. It is mostly a reorganization of the old content, but we have added new content as well. We hope you like it.

The old support web is still online, and old links will still work. However, we belive you will find all information you need here as well. The support web is not a static place, and we will add new content continuously. If there is something you really miss (or if you should find an error), please don't hesitate to give us a hint at

eID solutions

Signicat supports a broad range of eID solutions and technologies. Connecting to the Signicat API gives you access to both existing eID infrastructures with already pre-authenticated users and your own eID solution with your own user database.

By connecting to existing eID infrastructures, you get access to a huge user base with pre-registered users.

You may also set up your own eID solution that is local to only your own users.

Service windows, test environment

This section will contain information on planned service windows in our test (pre-production) environment. Planned service windows in the production environment will still be notified by email, as before.

2014-04-24: Major upgrade of server, system wil be unavailable 13:00 - 14:00 norwegian time.

2014-03-27: Major upgrade of subsystems, disturbances may occur.

2014-03-24: Upgrade of Portal-solution, minor disturbances may occur.

2014-03-20: Restart of our Portal-solution around 09:30, disturbances will occur.

2014-02-26: Upgrade of Portal-solution, minor disturbances may occur.

2014-02-25: Upgrade of Portal-solution, minor disturbances may occur.

2014-02-24: Upgrade of Portal-solution, minor disturbances may occur.

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