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Test environment

Signicat offers 24/7/365 free access to the test environment,

Certificates for test user

If you already have an certificate for production BankID, you can login to and issue test certificates as explained below. This is also possible using an existing valid test-certificate.

Prepare a name and SSN for the testusers you would like to create. The SSN should be 12 digits, and a valid combination of digits. You can use to create a valid SSN for Sweden. You will get a number in this format: YYMMDD-XXXX. You have to change this to YYYYMMDDXXXX.

If you don't have a Swedish BankID, you may order a code from and issue new test-users accodring to "how to obtain the test user".

  1. If you do not have a Swedish social security number, you may construct one for test. This must be a properly formatted national ID including control digit. See:

How to obtain the test user

Go to this site: and log in with the option that suits you. also contain links and information about Swedish BankID and how to obtain test users.


There are four options:

  1. "Logga in med test-BankID" = Log in with a test-BankID.
    You can either log in with a test user on the computer or with a testuser using the mobile application you installed (that is if you already have a test user in the app/computer)

  2.  "Logga in med produktions-BankID" = Log in with a production-BankID. 
     If you have a Swedish BankID you can log in with your production BankID on the computer or in the production app (if you have set up the app to you BankID).

  3. "Logga in med personligkod" = Log in with a personal code. 
    If you don't have a personal code, you can choose to generate a new code.

  4. "Logga in med BankID på fil eller kort – Plugin" = Log in with a BankID on file or card – Plugin"
    Here you can use the old solution with plug-ins in the browser that will be phased out during 2014. This is the option you choose if you have BankID Security 5.0.2 or older.


After logging in you will be presented with this page. Choose to "Hämta BankID för test" :


At this page you can choose to download bankID for mobile(left) or desktop(right). Fill in the form with SSN, firstname and lastname, click "Hämta". 

Mobile client:

If you choose mobile bankID, you will get a activation code like this. (You must disable popup-blocker) This code is valid for 10 minutes

Open the BankID app on your phone, enter SSN and activation code. In the next window you create a pin code with at least 6 digits.

Done! Ready to use:


Desktop client

If you choose mobile bankID, you will be presented a new window. (You must disable popup-blocker) Press "Ladda ner BankID säkerhetsprogram" to download the desktop app.    


After its downloaded and installed, press "Hämta BankID". The desktop app should start automatically, if not you have to do it manually. (App name: Sikkerhetsprogram)

You will then be asked to create a password for your bankID. You have to remember this pin code because you will use it later when you test authentication/signing. The app will not allow you to choose a simple code like 111111 or 123456, so I would suggest using the birth date e.g. 180680.

Done! Your BankID is now ready:. 

If you have an ordinary or test BankID you may follow this recipe: 

  1. Access this site:
  2. Log in with your BankID and select "Hämta BankID för test". 
  3. You will receive an activation code which you may use in the BankID Säkerhetsapp.
  4. Select your securitycode for Mobilt BankID, minimum 6 numbers


If you don't have a Swedish BankID, you may follow this manual procedure:

  1. Send an email to (Financiell ID-Teknik) and describe where you work, the purpose of your development, and phone numbers.
  2. They will contact you and initiate creation of a test BankID. During this process you have to specify some data into the BankID Säkerhetsapp. They will verify that the newly issued BankID working.
  3. If you do not have a Swedish social security number, you may construct one for test. This must be a properly formatted national ID including control digit. See:



How to install the application (Android):

  1. To install the Swedish Mobile BankID application for test you first have to download it from this page:
  2. Under the header "Test av BankID" choose the  "Testversion BankID säkerhetsapp för Android" link and save the .apk file you get.
  3. Send the .apk file to your smartphone by e-mail.
  4. You have to allow the phone to install from unknown sources.
  5. Click the .apk file in your e-mail and install the app.
  6. When you open the app you need a Swedish National ID number (test) and an activation code


The installation file can be found here:


How to install the application (iOS):

  1. Install BankID säkerhetsapp from App Store.
  2. Then, go into Settings -> BankID -> Utvecklare (Developer) -> Server. Change this to

This setting makes the security app communicate with the test environment instead of production, and cannot be changed back. If you later need the production version, uninstall the app and install it again via App Store.



How to install the application (Windows Phone 8):

  1. Install "BankID säkerhetsapp" from Windows Phone Store.
  2. Start BankID Security App, select Settings / Developer / Server and enter "". 
  3. Save, exit BankID Security App and launch again. 
  4. BankID Security App will now connect to the test server.




How to install the application (Windows):

  1. Uninstall all previous versions of "Bankid säkerhetsprogram". Reboot PC.
  2. Download and install the latest version, available at:
  3. Find the config folder at this location: %APPDATA%\Roaming\BankID\

(Find appdata by writing %appdata% in the adressbar)


You will end up in the Roaming folder, so continue to the BankID folder. Your adress path should be someting like this now: C:\Users\Steffen(Your username)\AppData\Roaming\BankID

Here, you will find a folder named "Config". 


Rename this to "" and create a new folder named "Config"



Open the Config folder you created. Create a new .txt file and name it: CavaServerSelector.txt


Open it in Notepad, Write "kundtest" and save.

Restart PC and you are done!



How to obtain a Swedish National ID number:

To get a Swedish National ID number you can go to this page and generate one:


 For those who do not understand Swedish:

Födelsedatum = Birth date (ÅÅ-MM-DD) = (YY-MM-DD) as in year-month-day.

 Kön = Sex

 Kvinne = Woman

 Man = Man

Generera = Generate


The marked field is the generated National ID number. To use it for the purpose of authenticating/signing you need to remove the hyphen and add a prefix. The prefix should be the two first numbers in the year the person was born. So if the person was born between 1900-1999 the prefix is 19 and if the person was born between 2000-2099 the prefix is 20.

 The generated National ID number here: 800618-4629 would look like this: 198006184629 without the hyphen and with the prefix.

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