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Whether you already have signed a service provider agreement with DanID, or just considering becoming NemID service provider, DanID need some information about your company in order to give you access to NemID test environment.

It is a prerequisite for accessing NemID test environment that you have a test company signature (test VOCES), since a production company signature can not be used in the test environment. If you already have a test-Corporate Signature, you can use it, alternatively you may order one at DanID.

Friendly Name

The Friendly Name field will be displayed in NemID applet to identify the service provider that the user tries to access. The user would for example be able to read, "You are now by logging on Acme Corp" where Acme Corp in this case constitutes Friendly name. Note: DanID make a concrete assessment of whether Friendly name is correct.

CVR/UID from the test VOCES certificate to test system

Information about CVR/UID in the test VOCES certificate may be found in the certificate details. It contains the field "Subject", under properties, serial number (serialNumber) and the value for CVR/UID can be read here.

Service provider package

Once agreements are signed, you must fill out a form for establishing service provider so that you receive access to the right systems in DanID. You can find this form together with your service provider package, which also provides information and software for use in the testing phase.

Read more about establishing agreement and service provider package.

Creating test users

DanID have developed a tool that enables service providers themselves to create the test users they want. With this tool you can:

  • Create a new test user with key card and temporary password
  • See transaction logs for a specific test user
  • The tool automatically ensures that new key cards are granted when there are only 20 keys left on the key card

For more information about the creation of test users, click the "Creating test users" tab at the top of this page.

Recommended test procedures (in Danish) contains DanID's recommended test procedures.

Error codes

nemid errorcodes.xlsx contains an overview of the error codes from NemID.

Browser/platform support

For complete list of supported browsers, please visit this page on (NB! In Danish language.).

1. Gain access to DanID's developer environment -

To obtain test-users, it's a requirement that your company's IP addresse(s) are whitelisted by Nets/DanID.

Access require an provider agreement (tjenesteudbyderaftale) with Nets/DanID. If you don't have this, you may apply and fill in your IP's here: (Danish).

If you have an existing provider agreement (tjenesteudbyderaftale) with Nets/DanID and you can't access the page mentioned above, please contact TU-support to have your IP's added (max 10 per company).

2. Create a NemID test user

Go to 

  • Click "Autofill" to fill all fields with valid test data
  • Change alias (username) and password to whatever you'd like
  • Click "Create new identity" and wait


3. Get an overview of the user

After clicking Submit, you’re redirected to the overview page — this page should be bookmarked. From here you can issue new OTP cards and find other, useful data about your test user. The username (alias) you created will allow you to look up this page again. The CPR number here will be important for authentication with CPR/PID checks, so make sure you save it.

4. Save the link to the OTP card

Now click the OTP card link — this will send you to this users' OTP card page. You'll want to bookmark this for future use, as the codes here are necessary for NemID authentications.

5. Congratulations

Congratulations, the registration process is now complete! You may now use your new NemID for NemID authentication. Again — please remember to save your password, user ID, CPR number and OTP card link. Signicat will not be able to help you recover any data or user, so store the information safely. To reiterate, this is the order in which you will need your test user information when authenticating with NemID:

  • Fill in username and password
  • Refer to your OTP card link to find the serial which corresponds with the number presented in the NemID window
  • Fill in your CPR number if/when prompted





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